A Beautiful Day Of Learning

A Beautiful Day Of Learning

My heart swelled with happiness when I visited Raina (name changed) and his siblings. Raina, a 10-year-old boy has taken up the responsibility of caring for his two younger siblings. 

6 months back, I had written about a mother in our fold who slipped away. She had 3 kids, of which one was born blind. Raina is her eldest son. 

When I visited them, Raina, Parvathi (name changed), Rijjul (name changed) were alone as their father had left for work. Raina showed me his artwork- galaxy as he saw it. Parvathi, a 7-year-old girl who was born blind showed me her garden. The little soul looked like a proud estate owner. Parvathi is a cheerful and chatty kid. We gave her an old toy and she was overjoyed. In a second, she started treating it like her own. She is such a caring and delightful child. The youngest, Rijjul, a 3-year-old-boy is slightly shy. It took him some time to mingle. He was delighted to have the goodies and befriended us. 

Their father is doing an amazing job of providing and caring for three young children. I was worried for him as a single father. But, he passed my expectations.

Their mother is smiling at us from above. We promise to be always there for the little kids. They are like our own bundle of joy.

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