A Woman’s Grit

A Woman’s Grit

“It’s been 4 long years since he left me!  Many memories and an unexplainable void!” 

Today’s reflection is more about the  4 women in his life and my learning from them.

Reshma (Rajesh’s wife) took up the challenge on the way forward with grace and confidence! For me, it was a lesson on how to handle adversity!  

A working woman, she consolidated quickly and spent her entire energy on their lovely twin daughters, Architha and Anjali.

For their part, the kids did exceedingly well academically and are such loving and responsible children. Rajesh must be feeling proud.

Jayshree (Rajesh’s sister) took over the responsibility of taking care of their parents. She moved from her family of 4 and stayed with the parents, assisting physically and emotionally all these 4 years.

 A perfect example of how an empowered girl child can be.

Thank you Reshma/Jayshree/Architha/Anjali for your unforgettable life lessons. Always with you.

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