Another Successful Day for Centre for Excellence

Another Successful Day for Centre for Excellence

Bhaskar, a friend and a supporter of our work with the children for the last 11 years visited our learning centre yesterday and interacted with our 25 girls in the CFE (Centre for Excellence).


A successful serial entrepreneur, a human being truthful and compassionate (he doesn’t have a piece of leather on him) and a simple, practical man.


He spoke to our children and gave them a simple guideline, “Do what you love to do, choose to be happy always, never dislike anyone.” 

Yes, Bhaskar, along with the children it’s a learning for all of us.


Bhaskar’s wife Vidhya, son Vivek and his mother shared their stories, it was inspiring.


Bhaskar has started an initiative called  ஆர்வம் (Curiosity) and has chosen Arcod-CoK to continue this.


 A learning centre equipped with a telescope, microscope, an audiovisual facility, creative toys made by Arvind Gupta (Toys from trash) et al. His point was simple, ” Make the opportunity available to all children and that’s democratic. How they use that opportunity is left to each child.” Profound.


We are excited by all this as our journey to a Learning Centre is strengthened with this idea.


Thank you, Bhaskar, for continuing with us on this journey.

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