Our causes

Our sole purpose is to ensure a good and healthy life for HIV/AIDS children. In addition to nutrition, education, and medication, we make sure our children receive healthy exposure to societal interaction. And we can’t do this all alone. Your generosity and our passion can team up to successfully make their lives easier.

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Nutritional Assistance

In 2009, when we uncovered our first case, we realised that the most basic cause of their deteriorating health was lack of nutrition. Hence, ARCOD took up the initiative of providing Rs. 500 per child every month for food & nutrition. In 2012, CoK came into existence and began a full-fledged nutrition program. At present, the children of Krishnagiri receive monthly nutritional assistance from Target Foundation. The nutritional kit contains pulses, whole grains, dates, and milk amongst other nourishing edibles. Apart from this, we also receive donations from benevolent individuals and corporate CSR activities. Two Christian Missionaries Snehagram, Veppanapalli, for adolescent children, and Aikyalaya, Burgur in Krishnagiri are also very closely associated with the cause of the HIV/AIDS-affected children, as nutrition partners. In addition, HT Parekh Foundation, a unit of HDFC Bank Ltd also partners with us for nutrition.

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Medical Intervention

Gradually, we moved on to providing medical support that involved medical check-ups, and providing other important healthcare to all the infected children. After partnering with St. John’s Medical College Hospital, Bangalore, we updated the medical records of all the children in 2013. During this process, we saved the lives of several terminally ill children. The basic level of medical care is taken from government hospitals. The ART drugs are provided by the government free of cost. Severe cases are admitted to St John's where the children receive intensive medical assistance as needed. Funds from multinational conglomerates like HDFC, IndusInd Bank, and HSBC help us fund the children’s healthcare.

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Education & vocational training

The next step in providing a good and normal life to the HIV/AIDS-affected children is to provide structured education without letting the stigma of the disease affect them. In spite of living with the diseases, the children are quite buoyant and highly ambitious when it comes to their future. Various events are organized in order to raise awareness. From school fees to college education, CoK receives funds from several philanthropic sources. Mr Murali has even adopted a school in the neighbourhood where HIV/AIDS children study alongside the regular kids; in order to eradicate the stigma, this is a substantial step taken by the CoK programme.

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Social Integration

Most of the children with HIV/AIDS live their lives in isolation, predominantly because of the fear of the stigma that surrounds the disease. Their unfamiliarity with the outside world makes them vulnerable and prone to fear and depression. And so when they are placed for jobs in cities, they get overwhelmed and return to Krishnagiri citing reasons that do not cohere. To tackle this issue, CoK organizes events like summer camps, picnics, short trips to neighbouring cities, excursions, cultural programmes, treks to nearby places, and other such events to keep the kids in touch with the world outside their community. Another goal of this initiative is to acquaint the world with the plight of the children. Donations for this cause come in from all walks of life.