Good News

Good News

Our child, Tina (name changed), who first came to us at the age of 9 delivered a healthy baby girl on Saturday. Both mother and daughter are healthy.

I still recall vividly the first moment I met Tina (name changed), a 9-year-old with no parents and yet with a lot of energy. Her summer vacation was about to begin and her first question was when we could take her on a holiday.

This began our parenting journey as we took her on many holidays and also ensured she went back to school! She was always a rebel in her own way and finally at the age of 18 insisted that marriage was her choice for her future and wouldn’t be convinced otherwise no matter what alternative we offered.

When we went to visit her after she got married, we found her at peace. This brought the realization that we can’t generalize and force-fit a future for all our children. Each of them must choose their own path. Perhaps with a little nudge from us, here and there.

What they have gone through in their life, what they need to feel secure and what we say based on our own will always diverge from our somewhat normal lives.

Another lesson learnt in our journey.

In the midst of these covid times, it was indeed a shot in the arm to hear of this new life emerging.

Evolve- we must. Not just every day, but every moment, I learn.

Pray, as always, for our child and her child, who is our grandchild.

Thank you

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