Journey as an Organic Agriculturist

Journey as an Organic Agriculturist

My learnings as an Organic Agriculturist for the last 3 years has been manifold!

It was a totally unknown territory with huge capital costs, forging new traditions of growing crops, understanding market fluctuations et al! Thanks to Ms Pushpa and her mother-in-law who helped me manage the land at Coimbatore while I oversaw it remotely.

My brother Suresh’s valuable inputs and support from my friends like Maruti, Sampath and Sajith, I’ve tried various crops from small onions, corn, lime, banana, and areca nut, to name a few!

Cultivating turmeric organically has been an exciting journey right from planting, cultivating, processing and marketing, all of which takes a whole year from start to finish. Many people who are managing major health challenges call to thank me for this Tumeric being a part of their healing process. Many friends and family members have told me that they recall this fresh aroma and taste from another time in their life! This is also my gift to the many needy people in my life.

Today, to commemorate the memory of our Dr Abdul Kalam(who left us this day in 2015), we’ve decided to add a 250gm  pack of our Tumeric into the nutrition kits of our 200 plus children of Krishnagiri.

This was a blissful moment and I felt a lot of gratitude to the Universe! This is a big boost to the immunity needs of our children. I feel a sense of completeness today.

I learn yet again that Life’s journeys are not about the end destination but these ‘Blissful stops’ in between.

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