Lessons From my Alteration Tailor!

Lessons From my Alteration Tailor!

Irfan, my ‘Alteration Tailor’ and the lessons learnt. 

 A major observation of late has been that I’ve been losing weight, thanks to an improperly followed diet.

 More than the comments from my family and friends, my discomfort in wearing loose, ill-fitting clothes became a minor irritation.

 Irfan, my alteration tailor, came to my rescue in altering my clothes to such perfection that you can see my gait now!

 While at it, my favourite writer, Prakash Iyer, had a note on this, “How wonderful to have an ‘Alteration Tailor’ for our life! Someone who can cut out that wrong approach, sew-in that great attitude and basically spot those few corrections in us to fit perfectly into life.”

 An Irfan, for the art of living!

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