Meet a Guinness record holder

Meet a Guinness record holder

Meet Mr Sathyakumar, all of 37 years and what a great attitude!


He runs an institute called Magme Institute of Banking, at Hosur, which trains thousands of youngsters for all competitive exams, leading to good institutions and great jobs 👍.

(Twin sisters from Hosur cleared GMAT this year and got admission to the University of California with a scholarship)


Meticulous in his approach, he has got a track record that’s impressive. A Guinness record holder for conducting the largest Vedic math class, there is not an area he has not touched, be it teaching or entrepreneurship.


Mr Sathyakumar has taken into his fold, ten of our children to help them get Govt. jobs in a year. One of our girls is preparing for NEET! 

What a change in the 3 months in these kids! All focussed and ready, an inspiration to our other children.


I can’t thank young Sujay (ARCOD board member) for the introduction to Sathyakumar and meticulous follow up and hand-holding done by our own Nalini and Keshavraj, to ensure these kids settle down.


It’s a pleasure to know such people. They fascinate me.

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