Meet Sheela and Paneer

Meet Sheela and Paneer

25 children, 30 hours, 400 plus km, 2 trusted lieutenants, is all it took to experience ‘Divinity’!

What started as a small thought to meet all our 25 children (5 boys and 20 girls) in their homes at Krishnagiri/Dharmapuri appearing for 11th and 12th board exams starting tomorrow, turned out to be a mind-blowing trip. (We took along a small gift packet of a pouch, pen, pencils, erasers, scale and Glucose D)

The children along with their caregivers and parents opened up their life and love! They laughed, cried and shared like never before. They took us around their homes, where they lived, introduced us to their parents framed on the walls, shared their fears and finally the joy of forgetting it all by having us in their abode.

Gooseberry, groundnuts, ragi, sweets, savouries, roses et al, were served and packed by those gods called grandparents/parents, overflowing with joy on seeing us there for 5 minutes.

Sheela and Paneer, my left and right hands in this journey of 10 years were an amazing support.

They beat any navigator, as we wound through mountains, mud roads, greenery to meet our children! I was awestruck at all these rural sights, all the time.

It still rings in my ears, our children saying, “Appa will I pass”, 

“Appa I was scared and now I’m not”, 

“Appa, will you get angry if I fail”…….

A 25 chapter story of these children is already in my mind! Inspiring, I must say!

You are the reason, my children, I exist and I can’t thank you enough for sharing your life with us like no one else can.

Continue to pray for my children.

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