New Beginnings

New Beginnings

I could not hold back the emotional rush that my body was enduring. It is a story about the two children from Namma Veddu who have matured and started a life of their own.
Asha & Purnima (name changed) were young children when they came at Namma Veddu.  Asha was just eight years old when she came to us, and I still remember clearly the question she asked me, “My summer holidays start soon. Can you take me somewhere?”. I always remember her sparkling energy. Both of these girls are HIV+ and had lost their parents when they were young. They were with us for five joyful years.

It gives me great pleasure that both these young women are married and living life to the fullest (although I wasn’t invited) so on my way to Coimbatore, I visited them. Asha lives at Dharmapuri and Purnima in Salem. It gives me immense happiness to know that Asha, once a child at Namma Veddu is an expecting mother. Both of these girls have so much love and support from their spouses and mothers-in-law. Felt relieved to see them all settled and yes, it was emotional.

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