Online Education

Online Education

One of the major discussions I hear about, in the circle I live in, is about online education for children including its feasibility and effectiveness.

I spoke to my cook(2 children in a private school with fees of 25k per year/per child) and housemaid(2 grandchildren with the same fee structure). They are clueless about online education and the way forward with no communication from school.

All our children in Krishnagiri go to a govt school and there is no possibility of online education such as buying or using a laptop/smartphone. Neither the students, the parents nor the teacher has any idea. This includes the govt school we work with.

Our children in Krishnagiri go to school for a free piping hot lunch and their parents are mostly daily wage earners or working small jobs and they need to leave their children at school to balance their daily lives! Also, they cannot invest in online methods because of existing debts and also income being hit across segments. They also do not have any infrastructure at home to manage online learning nor any reasonably knowledgeable person around to guide them. It will take a few years to conquer all this! A plan until then is critical for these children and parents.

If you don’t open the school, for reasons that are being argued by the people who can afford an alternative method of teaching or manage economically, I feel, we should also extend the thought to the rest of the children and parents before coming to a conclusion. I’m sure there is a much larger percentage falling in this criteria.

My point is, think about it beyond what we see and include others in the argument who may not share your economic advantages.

Time to look and think beyond us.

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