our home

Nestled on a hilltop amid the beautiful upland of Rayakottai, Krishnagiri, about 60 km away from Karnataka border, is ‘Namma Veedu’ or ‘Our Home.’ Surrounded by valleys, rocks, and hills, the Home is an oasis for the children surrounded by the chaos of HIV/AIDS.

Inaugurated on the 28th of August, 2019, by the District Collector, Dr S. Prabhakar (I.A.S), along with the senior officials at Saint Gobain, the Home is built on one acre of land dedicated to the welfare of the children of Krishnagiri.

Prior to acquiring the land, CoK was being run from a rented home where the children were given the necessary medical care. Five years after this, ARCOD acquired this land in Rayakottai in 2018 and the construction soon began. Thanks to Saint Gobain, their generous donation has made this dream a reality for the affected children.

our home includes

Boys n Girls

Separate accommodation
for boys and girls


An auditorium


A kitchen and
dining area


An office

The home includes separate accommodations for boys and girls, an auditorium, a kitchen and dining area, and an office. The place can accommodate 25 boys and girls at the moment and will become fully operational in a month’s time. The kitchen equipment have been funded by Inner Wheel Club, Chennai.

The primary goal of the Home is to have a place where the children can be treated for their ailments that they may develop in the course of their treatment. Apart from this, several recreational activities are carried out here; they are given educational and vocational training as well. Doctors and counsellors from Saint John’s Hospital in Bangalore volunteer once every fortnight to provide guidance and mental health advice to the children.

It’s been a decade since CoK was first conceptualized - 10 long years of painstaking efforts and superhuman patience to provide a place for the HIV/AIDS children who now very affectionately call it ‘Namma Veedu.’

Living in a Home is not a very pleasing concept in itself, even to a normal healthy person; the children too prefer to stay with their own family members. What makes ‘Namma Veedu’ so endearing is the fact that they get to connect with other children who "speak the same language as theirs - the HIV language."

On a lighter note, the Home is an alluring precinct planted with mango trees and flowering plants. A historical cave and a temple on the adjacent hill are quite an attraction for the visitors of CoK. Also, if rumours are to be believed, then it’s also one of the places visited by emperor Tipu Sultan during his rule!

Essentially, the place embodies hope, love, and all the things that make the children feel welcome.