Pani uncle

Pani uncle

Pani uncle was a wonderful human whom I had the pleasure of knowing briefly. He has 3 children(2 Daughters and a son live in the US and Canada). He retired from IDBI a few decades ago. At age 65, he lost his wife. At this critical juncture in life, he decided to make a difference. He converted his home in Bangalore into a home for the mentally challenged children! For 25 years, Pani uncle ran this home. He had a kind word for everyone! He was a keen learner of new things, was ever smiling, and always marched on.

2 months ago,  at age 90, his health had a setback and after a few days in the hospital he was advised surgery. He refused surgery and requested to be taken to his home for children. He had a glass of milk and left us all that night.

Pani uncle lived next door and was brought home for everyone to pay their respects. As was his wish,  Pani uncle’s body was given to St. John’s for medical research. Unfortunately, none of his children could come and Pani uncle left this universe on his terms.

The home for the 22 mentally challenged children is managed very well by a planned succession of Pani uncle.

What a life, What an inspiration.

I will think of you everyday Pani uncle.


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