Recovery and Reflections

Recovery and Reflections

A cervical slip disc/spondylitis (I am still in doubt which one it is!) left me immobilised for seven weeks! I think I’m 90% healed now. It has been a useful time to reflect and observe changes in a defined life.


After many desperate interventions, a quiet method of healing worked. Managing immediate pain and processing the final cure are two interesting processes. Thank you to both the facilitators!


Children of Krishnagiri went through a beautiful transformation. While our decade-old work had focussedon children’s health, we had reached a crossroad in this journey.


Learning leading to the stability of our children, we realised, was the message to us. Quickly, we formed groups among the children:

  • 16 children going to college
  • 24 children above 18
  • 13 married couples amongst our children (who came with their children)
  • 23 girls between the age group of 14 to 18 joining our Centre for Excellence


NammaVeedu has now become a learning centre! Apart from support for their academics, imparting support skills is a focus; counselling and career guidance with appropriate medical advice are also being done.


A new vibrant team led by Nalini Keshavraj stepped in with an able all-woman team of Sheela, Stella, Suchitra and Suguna.


Every weekend (for the last six weeks) has been full of programmes, taking progress in this journey to unbelievable levels!


As poet Bharati sang, ‘Ethanaikodiinbamvaithaiiraiva’ (How many limitless joys you have given us, creator)!


The last seven weeks, while I was unable to go to my karma bhoomi, the Universe showed how it takes care once again. A giant leap for these children to move forward surely and steadily.


I realise yet again that a force beyond our understanding plans out the roles we play, and we only have to be conscious to act when called.


Blissfulness, all the time. The choice is ours to note. Acceptance and surrender are definite tools that help one.

A useful time to reflect and observe changes in a defined life.

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