Safe and sound in Krishnagiri

Safe and sound in Krishnagiri

It’s going to be a month since I met our children! I miss them, their conversations, their hugs and the ever-smiling faces. The only consolation is that they are safe with their caregivers and our team is constantly in touch with them over the phone and any immediate need is attended to.  So far so good!

I realise that there are a lot of prayers and blessings going their way from you. This has resulted in Krishnagiri being one of the three districts not affected by the COVID-19 virus. I guess it is nature’s way of keeping our children safe, at least for now.

The mangoes at our home, ‘Namma Veedu’ are ripe and ready to be relished by our children.

Time has been given to us to introspect and I am brimming with a lot of thoughts and ways forward for our children.

Till we meet them, I join you in prayer for keeping all in the world safe.

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