My Sreedevi left me

My Sreedevi left me

A small portion of food you made for your youngest, taught me my first lesson in Love.

As you both tagged along you taught me that homes are not just your four walls.

The first battle we fought I remember how we proved logic wrong.

Carousel, Twitter video Same battle Same warriors.

Those agonising 12 hours. Fought in vain, to just open your eyes, once more.


you would call as your own.

Didn’t realise something was amiss

when you called me Sir. A big miss

A sweet, not for my appa,

she would fight with all,

like none would protect.

Every day those years when I left my karma bhoomi.

A face of love would come near the car door, to tell me with love, Drive safe appa.

How will I face a teacher again in life.

The teacher you promised to become.

‘I will take care of you’

The words will haunt.

So many moments in this decade A daughter A father Like none will know.

Did you love someone? Why did we not talk to each other?

Everyone did But We did not.

Did we fear that question?

Can it beat our love?

Will this Journey be the same?

None will notice, I promise.

As I can hear the unfailing voice of yours saying,

‘No appa, you should not stop.’

A poem, for once I did not want to write.



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